Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

John Meincke

John W. Meincke

Brigadier General USAF, ret.

“IT Cadre’s experts quickly make sense out of extremely complex projects and programs, providing senior and line managers with actionable insights to both address and head off potential issues. I have been extremely impressed with IT Cadre’s dedication to their client’s needs, and to the professionalism of their entire organization.”

Anthony M. Valletta

Senior Defense Official, ret.

“The Federal Government is facing budget constraints like never before. With all the decisions that need to be made and implemented, help is needed to optimize the business of government. IT Cadre brings a unique thought approach and methodology to bear on the challenge of reform. I am very pleased and excited to have the opportunity to work with the team at IT Cadre and help to provide critical solutions to the needs of all our government agencies and to our nation.”

Tom Hobbins

General USAF, ret.

“When I reviewed what IT Cadre had accomplished for their customers, in terms of manpower, financial resource savings, and optimized enterprise business structure, I was very impressed. Their Visualization Engineering® techniques are so effective, that one can envision how complexity in process could evolve through their MVA, to decision quality understanding for the most senior leadership . I see real opportunity to apply this discipline in government as well as commercial IV&V. For example, IT Cadre could use their methodology to consolidate complex non-integrated, medical record systems that could positively impact our veteran programs. I want to be part of this uniquely talented organization that has so much to offer Industry and Government. Participating on IT Cadre’s board allows me this opportunity.”