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How We Work With Our Customers

IT Cadre's Trusted Insight with Mike Senn, Senior Director, Delivery at IT Cadre

November 20, 2023


IT Cadre works with a large variety of customers, each with different challenges, needs, and measures of success. As such, we don't take a "one size (or solution) fits all" approach to each new engagement. Instead, we take a mission mindset, striving to meet customers where they are, quickly discerning the nature of and approach to the work at hand, and looking to make an immediate positive impact.

A recent engagement highlighted this mission mindset. A government customer needed to immediately respond to a piece of Congressional legislation that impacted several million beneficiaries. Recognizing that the customer needed a starting point for the response and a direction to quickly begin moving in, within days we designed a near term roadmap that provided a pathway to a proper and complete response. We then conducted a mission analysis of the legislation that highlighted specific and implied tasks, an assessment of current organizational posture toward those tasks, and systems impacted. The customer was able to utilize the engagement to their benefit and met the near-term Congressional requirement.

By tailoring our approach to each unique situation we encounter, IT Cadre is able to provide quick and impactful results that customers are able to act on immediately, even during the course of an ongoing engagement.

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