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Knowledge Engineering in Healthcare

A look into how IT Cadre uses knowledge engineering in healthcare to help organizations with their most complex and challenging initiatives

August 16, 2021 by Miranda Smith

Understanding and working to improve not just individual components of healthcare, but the integration of the health systems from a market perspective is extremely important here in the States. Each region of the country should strive to maximize care through seamlessly integrated market based health systems. One of the best ways to evaluate and improve the current healthcare system is through end-to-end visualization of a healthcare market.

"I recently worked with IT Cadre as they analyze access to healthcare in Loudoun County, which is located in Northern Virginia just south of Washington D.C. I had the pleasure to review IT Cadre's analysis of patient access to healthcare and the availability of caregivers. Armed with this data, improvements to access and availability of caregivers could be addressed with appropriate solution such as telemedicine." Dr. Robin Felder, Professor of Pathology and Associate Director of Laboratory Medicine at UVA discusses the value of IT Cadre's Trusted Insight®.

Dr. Felder is referring to a visualization that IT Cadre created that laid out an end-to-end view of access to healthcare in Loudoun County, Virginia from a patient perspective. IT Cadre dove into 4 different patient scenarios. Each patient having a different type of insurance coverage as well as a different medical condition. Determining a shared understanding of a patient's experience is vital in moving towards improving patient centric care.

"As the COVID-19 crisis has illuminated, access to healthcare should be analyzed in an integrated fashion that unveils complex interrelationships. It is not just having the best doctors, nurses, and drugs, but the underlying supply chains and operational integration of private and public health systems. As founder and Co-Chair of Medical Automation, a nonprofit educational organization, I have worked for over two decades on using systems approach to streamlining the healthcare organizations to address healthcare costs, access, and most importantly quality." continued Dr. Robin Felder.

IT Cadre helps our clients gain a shared understanding of where they are, a shared agreement on where they want to go, a shared commitment to the road ahead, and a shared focus on delivering results.

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