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Mission Analysis

Helping leaders make the important, informed decisions

August 12, 2021 by Miranda Smith

When it comes to understanding an organization's mission and determining the important tasks to be performed, it's vital that the leaders have a shared understanding of their current state to ensure they are making the most informed decisions that are directly affecting the mission.

Looking holistically where the strategic, process, technical, and organizational views come together in an easy to understand format help leaders identify where opportunities, issues and disconnects are revealed and more importantly, the key steps to move forward.

"As a Chief Information Officer at the Air Force, and later as a commander of the United States Air Force in Europe, I know how vitally important mission analysis was to determining the value to the organization. I wanted to know what the organization was doing well, what systems were providing value to our mission, where we should invest man power and resources, and what a reasonable cost range was to achieve results. I have always been a fan of Visualization Engineering® and in the past 8 years working for IT Cadre, I appreciate the impact and power of Visualization Engineering® for mission analysis. Leaders who want and need holistic visibility across organizational silos so they can make high value improvements via informed decisions should contact the experts at IT Cadre today." stated General William (Tom) Hobbins, ret.

With remarkable speed, IT Cadre can create an accurate picture of where you are today, where you need to go, and how to get there. We have a long heritage of providing Trusted Insight® regarding successful cost, schedule, and technical performance management for our customers. If you are responsible for an important program, complicated initiative or transformational effort in any domain there is no better way to ensure success than Visualization Engineering®.

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