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Organizational Change

March 25, 2021 by Alfred Rivera

Organizational change is inevitable; however, when organizations are met with a change in their environment, there is often difficulty identifying where challenges or gaps in process exist, how to move forward to achieve the vision, and how to get the whole organization on board with these new changes. This change can be found in a variety of forms within an organization. Whether new leadership has come on board, a change in technology at the organization, an update to existing processes or procedures, and many more.

"Organizational Change reduces the risk that implementation of a new system (ie ERP) or other functional change will be rejected by the enterprise or organization. By itself it does not necessarily reduce costs. Rather, it increases the teamwork and the adoption required for the enterprise to accept the change and operate more efficiently." stated Mr. Alfred Rivera, Retired Senior Defense Official.

IT Cadre's Visualization Engineering® methodology helps large, complex organizations with change by defining any challenges and determining the future vision. Establishing a shared understanding and agreement is vital to integrating new technologies, processes, systems, data, and cultural changes.

IT Cadre's skilled engineers are instrumental in mapping out the operational components of complex organizations and bridging information gaps within organizations.

Our diagrams are often praised for the issues they reveal and the solutions they develop. Laying out a visual which clearly highlights the key operational aspects and considerations of an organization allows leaders to quickly understand the true issues and/or opportunities at hand.

IT Cadre Transformation Support provides organizations the essential support to establish the momentum needed to overcome active and passive resistance and accelerate achievement.

"As I look back at my career in government, working in a large, complex organization with critical missions, it was important to ensure that the best structures, systems, and processes were in place to meet customer and mission partner needs. Working with IT Cadre allowed us to find process gaps, areas for improvement, and identify workflows that were critical to sustain across the entire enterprise. From helping us define service ordering and provisioning to optimizing network and cyber operations, IT Cadre was instrumental in helping DISA as a complex organization have a shared mission understanding and achieve a common vision with attainable goals." recounting Mr. Alfred Rivera, Retired Senior Defense Official, related to the work IT Cadre did for Mr. Rivera's organization at DISA.

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