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A Shared Commitment to Transformational Change

May 15, 2020 by Jeanne Godfroy, Ph.D., Visualization Engineer

it cadre roadmap

Transformation is hard. Those leading large, complex transformation efforts often encounter bureaucratic resistance to change, policy and resource constraints, shifting priorities, scope creep, and other obstacles along the way. Additionally, transformation endeavors tend to spawn unanticipated second and third-order effects that negatively impact company operations. These complications frequently disrupt or halt transformation efforts altogether.

One tool many leaders use to avoid these common transformation pitfalls is a Roadmap. True Roadmaps are blueprints for achieving strategic goals, and leaders use them to communicate and implement transformational change. Building an executable Roadmap necessitates a deep understanding of the current and desired future states of an organization’s people, business processes, technologies, dependencies, and other factors. Absent these inputs, Roadmaps devolve into feature release timelines, lists of projects, or fancy charts and graphs that lack substantive support to change efforts.

Built and used properly, Roadmaps become more than lists of projects or impressive visual displays—they become instruments of transformational change. At IT Cadre, we specialize in helping our clients create and employ effective Roadmaps by using our pioneering Visualization Engineering® methodology. We work with our client organization’s leaders and key stakeholders to construct a holistic view of the organization’s Current State, and get a shared agreement of the Future State by determining the desired outcomes and goals of where the organization wants to be. We then leverage the in-depth knowledge gained through the Future State analysis to build a comprehensive Roadmap leaders can use to implement their transformation strategies.

If you are responsible for an important program, complicated initiative or transformational effort in any domain there is no better way to ensure success than Visualization Engineering®. For more information, please contact:

Darcy Eid, Director of Business Development