Case Study


Application Rationalization

The Company

IT Cadre recently performed Visualization Engineering® for an organization that needed to better understand their Current State and establish a shared vision of where the organization would like to be. One of the CIO’s principal areas of concern was IT systems and services that were operating in the environment outside of his control (i.e., shadow IT).

What We Did

In order to address this concern, an IT Services Assessment was performed to outline the complete set of IT Services (previously documented and shadow IT) along 3 different areas, including:

  • Investment Awareness – Are the organization leaders aware of the system’s investment?
  • Enterprise Architecture Conformity – Does the system conform with IT standards?
  • Cybersecurity risks – What are the cybersecurity risks that each system posed to the organization?

After conducting this Assessment, IT Cadre applied the findings to the Future State to define the best path moving forward.

The Results

Due to IT Cadre’s Visualizations and IT Services Assessment, the organization was able to determine the vulnerabilities of each system and develop a Future State that ensures they are on the right path to achieving their goals, and mitigate the risk posed by cyber threats in the future.