Case Study


Migration To The Cloud

The Company

An enterprise service to a combat support agency that reduces the cost of operations and maintenance by consolidating hardware into secure global data centers was in a “technical pause”. Problems revolving around the program were leaked to a major news outlet, and the program was due to submit a progress report to Congress.

What We Did

IT Cadre provided artifacts that captured the overall processes and responsibilities both during the initial phases (major migrations to the service) and at its steady condition (for a generic customer).

These visualization artifacts provided, for the first time, a single picture of all the key elements of the enterprise service lifecycle from provisioning and migration activities for new users through day-to-day sustainment of the service.

Our Strategy Definition deliverable identified area where the absence of an enterprise-wise learning strategy was negatively impacting the organization.

The resulting observations and findings provided valuable lessons learned for future customers as well as identifying areas needing tactical and strategic improvements.

The Results

  • Following our analysis, the program recovered from being severely challenged, enduring rampant public scrutiny to being named “Program of the Year”.
  • Visualization Engineering® produced a practical and implementable plan for their leadership.
  • Provided leadership with knowledge of where there were points of contention and more importantly with a way to address them and still satisfy the overarching goal.
  • Our team investigated all issues and worked to identify a resolution, we were known as the “email therapist”.
  • There are now 1.5 million users and the program saves approximately $75 million a year.