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Transformation Support

Momentum at the most critical time

March 21, 2019 by Miranda Allison, Marketing and Visualization Analyst

IT Cadre has helped organizations with Visualization Engineering® for years. We help them gain a shared understanding of their current state, a shared agreement of their future state, and a shared commitment on the roadmap to success. One of our lessons learned is the transition from planning to executing the Roadmap is the most difficult. Organizations that succeed drive the plan hard, confront the tough challenges early, achieve smart quick wins, and gain the early momentum that is critically important for the success of a transformation or program. There will be resistance to change.

IT Cadre’s Transformation Support is offered to provide organizations the critically important initial support to establish the momentum needed to overcome active and passive resistance. It is how an organization gets to the point where the people are convinced, and firmly believe, that the new way is in fact better than the old way of doing things.

We have a deep understanding of what ultimately leads to success. Large and complex efforts will encounter friction, shifting priorities, and road blocks along the way - all in a dynamic environment. IT Cadre leverages in-depth knowledge gained during the Current State, Future State and Strategic Roadmap Visualization work and years of experience in very difficult efforts to identify and address issues in flight.

To help avoid pitfalls on the way to success IT Cadre offers Transformation Support tailored to meet unique organizational goals and challenges.

Transformation Support:

  • Proactively drives the initial tasks that are critically important to build momentum. When the transformation complexity involves roles, systems and processes changing at the same time, IT Cadre brings the experience, focus, and objectivity needed for success.
  • Focuses on the desired outcomes and what leads to them. This guards against “small compromises” which can add up to major program/transformation negative impacts.
  • Locks in a clear understanding of new roles, responsibilities, and process/procedural improvements. Under pressure, people often revert back to what they were comfortable with. A clear understanding of the new way helps with confidence and fighting the pressure.
  • Monitors resistance to change and provides the support needed to stay on track to achieve transformation.

For more information, please contact:

Darcy Eid, Director of Business Development